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Here's what some of our clients have to say:

"It is rare to find yoga teachers as exceptional as Patricia Sanzone and Andy Sugerman. They teach a true, authentic yoga that facilitates tremendous healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. To restore their health I refer my patients to them."

- M. Maya Bose, DC

"Patricia came into my life immediately after I was diagnosed with a very severe and rare form of cancer in a very advanced stage. Her yoga sessions were inspirational. She helped me through so much of the cancer experience. Her gentle and caring nature was a G-d send to me in perhaps my greatest hours of need."

-Barbara Lee Epstein

"Andy teaches the yoga your body needs, in a highly effective individualized program. I'd tried many yoga studios, at times even injuring myself, before I found him. Within a couple of months my lifelong back pain disappeared, never to return. I'll never try another group class again, Andy is simply in a class by himself."

-Kathleen A. Lyon, MD

"When I met Patricia, I was at a low point in my life due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She customized our sessions to accommodate my special needs. These sessions became a lifeline for me, empowering me to feel positive about myself, my accomplishments, and to finally feel proactive in confronting my illness."

-Barbara Tobias

"Andy created a program specifically to help my back problems. After only a few sessions I felt much, much more flexible and my pain had lessened considerably."

-Darrell Berger

"I've been practicing yoga with Andy and Patricia for the past five and a half years. At the age of 56, I'm now becoming conscious of places in my body where I have stored shame, disappointment, and sorrow -patterns dating back to my teens. Now I am more aware of my gait, shoulders, breathing and standing tall."

-Ray Rodriguez

"Andy understands, and takes me to, the heart of yoga. He guides me beyond individual asanas to a place of wellbeing and harmony. Today my posture's better, my body aches are gone, my stress level is decreased, my breathing is easier and I'm more comfortable in my body."

-Ken Sandbank

"My years of practicing yoga with Andy Sugerman have made me a more flexible, comfortable person physically and a more centered person spiritually. He is a very gentle, patient, intuitive teacher who works hard to sense and respond to each student's level of bodily and psychic comfort."

-Ellen Pall

"Patricia Sanzone and Andy Sugerman form one of the few Viniyoga couples who teach in New York City. Andy's Viniyoga teaching is absolutely unique, enigmatic, and subtle, so it will require a vigilant mind to follow his class, whereas Patricia is just the opposite. Her approach is open, supportive and placid. You will be cuddled in her presence. This contrast of approaches makes a wonderful Yoga teaching couple. I would highly recommend experiencing them."

-Jyoti Hawley

"Working with Andy Sugerman cannot be likened to any yoga class or mass appeal yoga routine. It is an exhale for one's entire body. Andy explains, demonstrates and guides you through subtle movements paired with the breath. If all that sounds too vague for comprehension, let me get right to the point: MY BACK FEELS GREAT FOR DAYS AFTER I WORK WITH ANDY! Andy understands yoga at a deep intellectual level and his gentle disposition is a joy. But what keeps me coming back is the comfort I feel inside my own body for days after I've worked with him."

-Sally Wasserman

"Patricia Sanzone is a most remarkable & kind human being. Taking yoga instruction under her guidance has been a blessing for me. She is a most knowledgeable and talented teacher, her expertise as a certified yoga therapist will benefit anyone who is lucky and crosses her path. I am fortunate to be one of those students."

-Judy Kreismann

"Patricia and Andy have transformed my yoga experience into a spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. Their passion for viniyoga has opened my mind and heart to the powerful effects of viniyoga. My trust in them both has enabled me to build a stronger practice for myself. They are my teachers and my friends."

-Alicia Perfetto

"What's unusual, and worth pursuing, about Andy's rare knowledge of yoga is the simple, ancient, and very real profundity of what he knows, and what I learn."

-Esther Cohen

"Practicing and growing with Patricia in both my yoga practice and on a personal level has thought me to be more compassionate, forgiving and loving to others and, more importantly, to myself. Her inspiring words and yoga teachings have truly helped me find the inner lotus within muddy waters. I continue to learn the true meaning of balance through her own growth and diversified background."

-Anabela Alves

"I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that Patricia and Viniyoga changed my life, and mostly, me. When I first started, I thought myself full of flaws and imperfections. And what I've learned over the months is that we, our bodies, are perfect... and also that they have so much to teach us, if only we would listen. This approach to yoga is all about reconnecting to ourselves. This awareness of the body is one of the most fundamental chapters of "awakening" - focusing on the breath, deliberate movement, control and surrender, meditation, strengthening - it all helps to heal us and make us whole. And on a simpler level, I leave each class feeling great - balanced, joyful, peaceful and most of all... contentment with my life and where I'm going..."

-Jennifer Palmer

"Andy and Patricia hold you; they hold the space around you. This feeling of being held in all aspects of our being is healing itself. It brings openness to the work, which enables the work to go deep and bring light to dusty corners. Andy and Patricia have the touch to bring balance to our lives, to truly change us."

-Erica Rooney

"I was fortunate to have Patricia as one of my first teachers: her extensive knowledge and compassionate ways encouraged my personal yoga practice. As an eight-year practitioner, I have come to realize that Patricia's guidance is unique. She is clear in her directions and easily adjusts to each student's level: thus providing them with a deeper understanding of the mind body spirit connection."

-Barbara Leiberman

"The city had a calmer hue on my walk back to the subway after my lesson with Patricia Sanzone, and I knew that the effects of my time with her would be lasting. Lasting, yes, for a few hours, but possibly for a lifetime too. When I'm upset by traffic on a crowded bus, I can now revive what Patricia told me about surrender and control; when I'm at work and need to relax, I can practice the breathing technique-so simple yet so effective-that she taught me. She's much more than just a wonderful instructor-she's really a guide. Her passion is helping you realize your passion. Her intuitions are correct and her approach matches your needs and personality. She's an attentive, caring, and wise guide. She makes you feel like an expert after just one lesson. Possessing a certain understanding, the truths she reveals to you about yourself, and life, are powerful and therapeutic. She creates a beautiful and appropriate atmosphere and this state you share, however briefly, is not temporary and allows you respite from the silly stresses of the world. There's physical warmth in what you do, but also psychic and mental euphoria. I opened my eyes after the transporting experience and was in another world, a softer, warmer, more peaceful place. It was Patricia's world. And now it's my world too."

-Michael Corwin




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